Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fun

We arrived home yesterday, late afternoon; we then picked up our little furbaby, headed to the grocery store and came home. It feels so good to be back; love our trips, but love heading home. Needless to say, Hunter was over the moon excited to see us. He had a great time with Lily, but all evening he just crashed. I would say, he played hard while we were gone. I was really close when I took this photo and he never even opened an eye.

There were so many great things about our trip~getting to have lunch in Pike's Market in Seattle during our layover, having time alone together in Kauai, great weather, hiking and exploring new areas, seeing Monk Seals and talking to volunteers, great seafood; there were a few not so good things for me~getting overheated while hiking one day, being considered a buffet lunch for mosquitoes another day. Our flights were easy and staying in Seattle overnight is always a much easier alternative for us. However, there was a problem with the bathtub faucet and I didn't sleep much Wednesday night. I certainly made up for it last night though. It is so hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend; where did our summer go?! Fall is in the air here; in fact, we watched football on t.v. last night. I have lots of laundry to do and more grocery shopping tomorrow as well as picking up my new glasses today. Right now Hunter is standing at the cabinet whining-his way of telling me that he missed his salmon treats while I was away. I'm going to take him for a walk before I begin all my chores. We don't have a lot of plans for the weekend~we are having our realtor and his family over for lunch on Sunday as a thank you for all his hard work for our family the last 9 mos. Our town has its annual Harvest parade and also art & wine festival-so we'll see if we go to those.
Photos of Kauai will start next week. May your day be sweet and easy!
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Greetings my friends from the beautiful island of Kauai. Our quick adventure ends today, as we board a plane to Seattle where we will catch a coo exiting flight home.  It has been a different trip, mostly fun. Hubby would stay another week or two, but I'm ready to head back to our loved ones.  Unfortunately,  we never connected with Val; I think we will be back before two years from now. I have been told that when we left we took summer with us and fall is now in the air.  We have many photos to post, somehow I think it will be next week before I post them. I hope you are all well; I'm looking forward to catching up!
Aloha, Noreen

Monday, August 25, 2014


Not having good luck with blogger today-that's what happens when you try to do it in your phone. I've lost two posts already and too frustrated to start over; so this will be short. The trip has been different, some great things and a couple if not so great. All is well here, except my legs are covered in bug bites that are driving me crazy.  I'm looking forward to getting home. For those in northern Ca. , sending thoughts and prayers your way.
Joy, Noreen

Friday, August 22, 2014


Good morning friends, sending greetings from Kauai. I had hoped to upload photos but so far only able to get them on FB. Got to go sit in Starbucks for free wifi.
Going on an adventure this morning, so I'll get back to you later.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Friends! I hope you are counting your blessings today; I certainly am. I am so thankful for my hubby, our two daughters & their hubbies and our 11 grands, as well as the four family dogs. Hunter is such a sweet dog and is very spoiled! When he goes to Lily's house to stay, he behaves like a dog-eating just kibble and having a fun time with her and the grands. Today I am thankful that our daughters live so close to us and that Hunter loves going to Lily's. Here they are-aren't they just adorable together. For those of you who guessed yesterday as to our destination, if you guessed the islands you are right. 

We usually don't make spontaneous trips, but after all the moving-this spring and in July, hubby decided that if our condo was free and we could use frequent airline miles, we would go.  Well, we are going.   What's even better is that I'll get to see Val again; she has told me there are two new Monk Seal pups. I'm hoping for lots of photo ops; hubby and I will be exploring and he's not taking his clubs. 
I'll be posting daily and sharing our adventures with you.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outdoor Wednesday

In honor of it being Outdoor Wednesday and our summer quickly coming to an end, I have a little question for you. The first photo is of a sunset at our last home, with Longs and Meeker peaks in the background. The Rockies always call my name and we are blessed to live so close to them.
This photo was taken last April, in Kapaa Kauai. One of the coolest things about that trip was that I got to meet Val, a fellow blogger, and hang out with her. Kauai is hubby's all time favorite place.
Now the question of the day is: Which area are hubby and I going to tomorrow?
Let's just throw in a third option~we are just hanging out at home and not going anywhere. We'd rather enjoy the changes in the seasons from our own nest; plus I'm having a hard time coming up with new posts, so thought I'd make this one up.

I will be interested to see your answers;  I let you know tomorrow. 
Today, Kam and I are walking and I'm hoping my new glasses will be in.  Got to do some household chores, like vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. Throw in some time stitching too and we'll call it a good day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good Morning Friends,  Just checking in with you all to see how your week is starting out.  Yesterday was a good day; today is one that should be great.  I'm spending the morning with a close friend and I can't wait.  I'm hoping my new glasses will be in today or tomorrow.  I am stitching a good part of the time, trying to get my quilt finished but I am only 1/2 way done.  I am anxious to start the new quilt, ready for fall to set in so I have work for my hands. 
I hope you have a wonderful day today!