Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Amish Promises by Leslie Gould book review

Leslie Gould is a wonderful author who tells stories of family dynamics, Amish life and choices that the Amish have to make as well as healing.  This story weaves the intertwining of  a military family, with the husband Joel having suffered PTSD and physical injuries while in Iraq.  The family moves into the wife's grandparents home, praying that the quiet solitude will provide healing for Joel.  The Amish community provides friendship and help when needed.  The Lehman family next door are still adjusting to life without the mother; the husbands single sister Eve is helping to raise the children and run the household.  I loved this story because of the challenges that Eve faced dealing with her brother and the choices she made when she falls in love with an Englischer.  The plot kept me guessing as to what would occur next; the characters are rich and the story is sweet.
I was provided this book by Bethany House publishers for me honest opinion and review.  I was not compensated in any way. 
I would rate this story 5 stars and I look forward to reading more of the author's books.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dog Vaccines

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope your day has gone smoothly, thus far.  Mine has been pretty good-I took Hunter in for his annual exam and he did well.  He shakes the entire time and his little heart is racing, but he only needed a Bordetella oral vacine and so that was good.  Of course, it wasn't that simple either because I had to buy his Heartguard Chews and I picked up some Hextra Chews to help his teeth.
I want to ask if any of you dog owners are vaccinating against Lepto.  This is a fairly new vaccine that protects against a bacterial disease spread by wildlife.  I've read that there has been a huge outbreak in the midwest and so the vets are really pushing this to protect our dogs.  Having said that, I have mixed feelings about vaccines; I think there is always a new one each year.  While I want my dog healthy and living a nice long life, part of me wonders if all the vaccines are really needed.  Since we don't go camping or into wildnerness areas with Hunter, he is not likely to be exposed. I would hate for him to get a disease due to my lack of info.  So feel free to share you thoughts here, I'm interested to know what you are thinking. 
We have a dinner to go to with friends and I'm not feeling up to par; it is nothing catchy, but feels like I have a yeast infection again.  Our tile man didn't show up today, though he told me he would.  Guess I'll have to call the store and get his number; don't want to miss him. 
It is cloud and misty here today, a perfect day to stay inside.
Hope you have a great afternoon and evening.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dog Tired

Happy Monday to you! It's cold and raining here in Colorado; although we are in our monsoon season, we've had more rain that normal and I'd love to be able to send it to California. We had a very nice weekend and Hunter loved having Petrol here. We are still having our tile work done in our master shower; it should be finished tomorrow. Yeah; I'm ready to clean my bathroom, from all the dust, and have more bathroom back to normal. On Saturday, while the dogs played, Hubby and I went to our daughter's house to see if we could help with the landscaping and tree planting. We only stayed for a few hours, but with so many of us the tree planting went quickly. It was fun to see the older girls, ages 9 and 7 working with the four adults and two grandsons. There yard is going to be transformed; I will get photos when the rest of the trees(eight will be delivered tomorrow and 7 bushes)are in. It has been quite the project, but let me tell you it will be beautiful when done. Petrol and Hunter played all day Saturday and by Saturday evening, they were bushed.

Of course, by Saturday evening we were tired as well. Yesterday was a low key kind of day, with storms in the afternoon.  This week will be busy as usual; I have a dr. appt. this morning, to check my blood pressure meds and decide if they are working sufficiently.  Tomorrow, Hunter has his yearly checkup.  We have several dinners happening this week; I'm still working on the quilt each evening-you can see the corner of it in the first photo. 
Noreen & Hunter

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun With Dogs

Happy Friday to you! I truly think that this new month of May is going to fly by at an incredible speed, we've got so many things on the calendar. I mentioned the other day I was heading to see my California girlfriend, who is dog sitting for her brother. My friend's brother breeds English Springers, for hunting. In the past, she's had between 14-18 dogs to care for. Let me say, most of them are in a full kennel, but Cyndi has to exercise them(let them run the 10 acre property)every couple of hours. I was happy to see that this time she only had nine to watch. They are wonderful dogs, but when you have so many together there are bound to be skirmishes. In the past, I've spent several nights with her each visit, but won't be this time due to allergies. I was fine the other day when we were outside, but once I sat down in the house I got very congested. This dog was one from the first time I met the dogs; a sweetheart and long gone. There are always new dogs/pups to get to know; this time there were two frisky 1.5 yr old pups. I now know firsthand why hunting/working dogs need to be exercised and worked-they are just happier when they are. There was one dog, I believe I helped with the whelping, that I would love to have; he is such a love and just wants to be by your side the entire time. I am blessed that my girlfriend comes out to dog sit; it always give us a chance to visit. She is about 45 minutes away; if she were closer I'd spend more time with her and the dogs.

Petrol is our daughter's family dog; a typical Schnauzer, loving and obedient but she grumbles at the other dogs too. She will be here this weekend, as the family is headed to the Springs; Hunter will be so happy!

My little guy, will love having his cousin here. I imagine they will settle down after a few hours of play.

 Last night one son-in-law took the oldest boys to the movies, hubby and the other son-in-law went to a HOA meeting so the girls and little man went to get ice cream. You would have thought the girls hadn't seen each other in months; they couldn't stop talking or giggling. After dessert we walked through target together and got some smiles from shoppers.  When you have eight little girls giggling and laughing and thoroughly loving each other, it would be tough not to smile.
It is cloudy here today with showers later on; I'm praying the rain stays away because our oldest daughter's family is working on landscaping today-with boulders, rocks, trees and lots of dirt being delivered as well as curbing being put in.  They have been working on the yard for the last six months and it is getting close to being done. I'll be  taking photos once it is close to completion.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 30, 2015


It's Thankful Thursday and I'm thankful for you dear ones!!! I cruised through my old photos this morning, trying to corral my thoughts for today and saw these pics. They are taken on Kauai, one of our favorite vacation spots. If hubby had his way, we would be living there(or so he says), but with family here you couldn't drag us away. Plus living in the Islands is not cheap! I hope you enjoy.

I believe this was an old estate, which is next to a golf course.  I believe the original owner sold the land to the golf course.
For those of you old enough, this was taken for a t.v. series. There was a key phrase in the series-"The Plane, The Plane"; any ideas.

I had a wonderful visit with my girlfriend yesterday; there were only nine Springers to exercise before we went shopping and to lunch.  This certainly beats the 16-18 she's had in the past; while they are wonderful dogs, by the time I left my allergies had kicked into high gear. 
Today, Hunter and I will head to Kam's for a quick walk; the tile man is here working and I don't want to be away for too long.  It will be warm today, so I see myself outside enjoying the sunshine. 
Oh Kauai, we love you; thinking of Val and her girlz too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For The Love of Tulips

A neighbors yard.
Our front bed, do you see Hunter watching me? I'm so thankful that the previous owner planted so many Tulips for me to enjoy.
All around our neighborhood, Tulips are springing up.  I love Tulips, in the garden or in a vase.
If we weren't on adobe soil, I would probably have planted more; I asked the previous owner how he managed to plant so many and his reply was that he used a big electric drill to drill the holes.  I never would have thought about that, but I certainly understand it.
I've taken Hunter on a walk already; I'm about ready to head out to see my good California friend, who is dog sitting.  We are having our shower floor tiled and with a stranger here in the house, I don't want to leave Hunter alone-so as soon as hubby gets back from his errand, I'm hitting the road. 
I hope you have a joy filled day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Tuesday to you.  Today is going to be a wonderful spring day; I will get Hunter out on a long walk and also get on my bike.  I'm ready for our spring rains to just let loose at night, so our days are warm.  Yesterday I headed up to REI to get some packets of electrolyte powder for my bff, who is driving to Virginia on Friday.  She needs to replenish her nutrients throughout the day, I just don't want her getting weak while driving.  So after I picked up the packets, I happened to see this product and it drew me in.  You see, ever since we've lived in Colorado we've eaten Bison; we usually buy it for spaghetti, hamburgers, hotdogs if we can find them and any other product we happen across.  Bison is much leaner than beef and we love the taste; I was thrilled when I saw Buffalo jerky bites.  I looked at the different packages, one was spicy hot-nope not for me, and I settled on this because it also had cranberries in it.  I was so curious, I opened the package in the car. 
Let me tell you these bites are incredibly flavorful!!!  I had a few more when I got home, they are small pieces and aren't dry like traditional jerky is.  Hubby liked them and I have to say I had initially thought if we didn't like them, Hunter would.  He did get a piece too and loved it, but the rest are for us.  At $7.00 a package at REI they are not going to break my grocery budget, Amazon sells them by box and that is a bit pricey.  I can see that this will be a product we take on our "roadies" aka road trips. 
If you've never eaten Bison, you really should try it.  I also use it in Chili; it works wonderfully.  I liked this product because it is gluten, soy, hormone and antibiotic free and from what I can gather, is a Native American product.  Let me tell you I'll drive to Fort Collins any day to get this. This opinion is my own; I just love to share new products/foods if I think they are excellent.  This product is.
Hope you have a great day!